When you’re confused about how to support missionaries, it’s hard to take action.

We get it, and we’re here to help

  • Stop wondering where your contributions will make the most impact
  • Feel confident about taking action that points to change
  • Know you’ve found a great way to help others in meaningful ways

Hi Friends

You may want to be part of changing lives around the world. In order to see change, you know you have to take action.

But when it comes to supporting missionaries, you don’t know where to start. We’re here to help. We know how confusing it can be when countless nonprofits ask for your financial support. You don’t know which needs are most pressing, or whom you can trust.

We stay in touch with independent missionaries so you’ll have the assurance that your contributions are touching real lives throughout the world.

Village Blessings Provides a Clear Path to Giving

We understand the feeling that there’s always more we can do to help. When comparing our own lives to those in need, we feel pulled to offer support for missionaries and help improve the lives of others.

Living a generous lifestyle brings joy and excitement. Even more, it brings a sense of fulfillment knowing you’re investing in God’s Kingdom.

  • Village Blessings Is a 501c3 funded by grants and individual donations.
  • By staying in contact with independent missionaries, we ensure your contributions help them fulfill their calling.
  • Your generosity can make an enormous impact.

Providing support for missionaries is easy


We are a 501c3 organization so every contribution is tax deductible. Village Blessings is operated by highly qualified volunteers so your financial support will always have the best possible results.

We'll find the greatest needs

We keep in close contact with independent missionaries and ensure your contribution covers the most pressing concerns.

You'll provide a brighter future.

Your generosity is extraordinary. We’ll make sure it helps strengthen people around the globe by improving lives and impacting generations.

Help with Generosity

At Village Blessings, we know you want to help others through your generosity. To do that, you need to know where to give and how your money will be used.

The problem is, there are countless nonprofits asking for money. Maybe you feel confused, wondering who really needs your help and where your donation can make the biggest difference.

We believe it should be easier to find an organization you trust. We understand the joy and excitement of knowing your generosity is touching the lives of real people. That’s why we assess the needs of independent missionaries-those who need the most help because they’re not affiliated with large charitable organizations.

When you give to Village Blessings, you’ll make an impact and bless lives throughout the world.

Don't Miss Your Free Prayer Calendar!

We invite you to give today and know that you’re helping missionaries and touching lives in a meaningful way.

In the meantime, download your free prayer calendar. It provides daily prompts that will bless you, your family. and people around the world.

With Village Blessings, you can stop wondering whether your generosity makes a difference. Instead, you can be an example of generosity and alleviate stress for independent missionaries who obediently serve God.

I love someone is supporting missionary projects. Missionaries are on the front lines and often overlooked for funding, buy they are the ones that know what needs to be done. 


“Cheerful Giver” 

“It is nice to have someone behind you, encouraging you, and reminding you that God is going to supply all needs on the mission field near and far.”                       

Paula Clark,

Missionary Teacher/Sports  Honduras

I’m so pleased to support a group that is intimately aware of missionary needs and is seeking to help support missionaries and make a difference in reaching people for the kingdom of God. 


Board Member