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We believe it should be easier to find an organization you
trust. We understand the joy and excitement of knowing
your generosity is touching the lives of real people.
That’s why we assess the needs of independent
missionaries—those who need the most help because
they’re not affiliated with large charitable organizations.
When you give to Village Blessings, you’ll make an
impact and bless lives throughout the world.

Here’s how it’s done:

We are a 501c3 organization so every contribution is tax
deductible. Village Blessings is managed and operated by
volunteers so your financial support will always have the
best possible results.

2.We’ll find the greatest needs.
We keep in close contact with independent missionaries
and ensure your contribution covers the most pressing

3. You’ll provide a brighter future.
Your generosity is extraordinary. We’ll make sure it helps
strengthen people around the globe by improving lives
and impacting generations.
So donate today and enjoy the fulfillment of expressing
loving kindness to the world.

Featured Missionaries

My name is Paula Clark and I am a long-term missionary in Honduras. I am originally from Florida but also lived for 20 years in the North/South Carolina area.

Six years ago, I came to serve children from children’s homes and the street to find hidden talent and to install hope that Jesus was with them. I also started teaching at a local Bi-lingual School to help learn about the community as teaching is a big mission field.

My primary heart is kids on street, in homes, and living in extreme poverty.

I call them my hidden and forgotten treasure as so much talent is in them but they never get looked at as many professional organizations are scared of gang affiliations, drugs, aids, etc. But many of them are clean and want a chance at life. Many know all about Jesus as teams feed and then share but everyone leaves and they miss the relationship that is essential to growing in faith.

I came as a solo missionary that didn’t know the language and had zero in the bank but God said go and has provided every step. I don’t live like most as I like being humble. So I keep the cost low.

I give away more than I should but I enjoy watching people see God work.

My spiritual dream is to build a sports center that is a safe haven so kids can come for showers, food, clean clothes, shelter, family, and God’s love, and to learn a trade or sport that gets them noticed for scholarships or sets them up to step into adulthood. One day a bus to go to areas and have teachers teach kids that don’t get the opportunity to attend school.

Ministry Name: Fenix….rise through ashes as a beautiful new made person of Faith in Christ.



Glory, Honour & Adoration to the Almighty God – the Giver of Life and the Only one who has the power and will to allow any project or vision to see the light of the day.

I thank God who has given me this vision over 11 years now and has graciously allowed me the grace to begin. The Project at hand is with the name BEST CHOICE TUTORS. The project is focused on Moral Teaching (through Biblical Guidance), Formal teacher (Education) and Vocational Training (Skill Acquisition). The Program will help children to be Self Sufficient, Independent/Reliant and Morally upright. The program also welcomes youth to utilize their skills, contributing to the Community and prepare them to earn a living. It is sad that many of our youth who are supposed to be leaders of tomorrow and to use their gifts and talents to build themselves and the community they belong engage in several vices due to bad upbringings, unemployment and idleness. The truth is that our government cannot provide everything due to shortage of resources and increasing population, hence it has become important for everyone to rise up and play his/her part to save the future of the youth. I am certain that when the children/youth are well taken care of, there will be peace in the land.

Proverbs 29:17 says, “Train up your child, and he will give you rest”.

Our Vocational Training includes: 1. Arts & Crafts 2. Fashion Designing 3. Hair Styling (Male & Female) 4. Cake & Snacks Making 5. Bead making 6. Tie & Dye 7. Liquid Soap Making 8. ICT.

I’m glad over the week, I was able to talk with an automobile Engineer who agree with me to help train them for repairing and maintenance of vehicle in the nearest future. We also engaged them in sporting activities, table tennis, and Scrabble games. At the end of each class, by the grace of God we provide them with snacks.

Thanks & God Bless

Ayodele Lawal

“People who want to be generous often feel confused about where their donations can make the most impact. We assess the needs of independent missionaries so you’ll always know where to give and help others in a meaningful way.”


         Founder | Village Blessings Inc.