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My name is Paula Clark and I am a long-term missionary in Honduras. I am originally from Florida but also lived for 20 years in the North/South Carolina area.

Six years ago, I came to serve children from children’s homes and the street to find hidden talent and to install hope that Jesus was with them. I also started teaching at a local Bi-lingual School to help learn about the community as teaching is a big mission field.

In my second year, I was able to get my license in coaching and started coaching a women’s futbol team which led to another type of ministry.

In my third year, I started a sports ministry with the children from the home doing weekly practice and group devotionals. During the pandemic, I decided to stay and serve the community and help provide food to those in need as well as take in a 19-year-old that was a past student/children home child, and now she is my almost adopted 23-year-old daughter.

In my fifth year, I started a transitional home for young women out of a children’s home that needed a place to finish school after they left the home.

Now going into my six-year mission here, God has called me to move my daughter, my pup, and myself to Roatan. It is an island on the mainland of Honduras and a big tourist area. People think it is paradise as the island is located in the beautiful Caribbean ocean, but leave the tourist area and you will find many reasons God would call one to serve here and it is not for the faint of heart. There is a big need for a children’s ministry as there are many children living in the dump. Literally, they use what they find to live.

For now, I am teaching 6th grade and starting a sports academy and private training to help with daily living costs. I am praying, that I can raise funds to start community women’s and young girl’s futbol and volleyball camps to set up devotionals and hand out a weekly snack bag. Another thing that I am praying about is a street outreach ministry as many here are addicted to hard drugs and alcohol and after trying a Christian rehab they say they find no change in daily life and they go back to what made life bearable.

I have my 23-year-old whom I am wanting to raise funds to adopt. Yes she is older but she asked me earlier this year and with her already being a spiritual daughter I said yes adopting. I have another 29-year-old living with us that is trying to understand where she fits in life, type of work, and identity.

My primary heart is kids on street, in homes, and living in extreme poverty.

I call them my hidden and forgotten treasure as so much talent is in them but they never get looked at as many professional organizations are scared of gang affiliations, drugs, aids, etc. But many of them are clean and want a chance at life. Many know all about Jesus as teams feed and then share but everyone leaves and they miss the relationship that is essential to growing in faith.

I came as a solo missionary that didn’t know the language and had zero in the bank but God said go and has provided every step. I don’t live like most as I like being humble. So I keep the cost low.

I give away more than I should but I enjoy watching people see God work.

I am grateful God gave me a 23-yr-old daughter who challenges me daily and teaches me more about love than I feel I teach her.

My spiritual dream is to build a sports center that is a safe haven so kids can come for showers, food, clean clothes, shelter, family, and God’s love, and to learn a trade or sport that gets them noticed for scholarships or sets them up to step into adulthood. One day a bus to go to areas and have teachers teach kids that don’t get the opportunity to attend school.

Ministry Name: Fenix….rise through ashes as a beautiful new made person of Faith in Christ.

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