Refund Policy

On Redbubble, every order is created from scratch. As we don’t hold stock for the orders, we suggest that you choose wisely the perfect thing for you.

If after receiving your order, you change your mind, no problem at all. You can submit a Return request, and all will be sorted out swiftly. Depending on the case and what you really prefer, we can provide you the compensation according to the situation. 

We have an awesome 90 days return policy. Returning a product is free and easygoing. If you are returning a product due to a defect, we’ll have a replacement issued right away to have it corrected.

If you are returning a product that is no longer wanted, we’ll issue you an awesome Redbubble voucher so that you can repurchase another of the products listed on our website, even cooler designs.

But you’ll have to let us know why and a picture of whatever you received and like to return. We also do exchanges, in case the size ordered doesn’t fit perfectly”.